LEATHER WOOD – Strathgordon


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● Leatherwood – Strathgordon

The moment you taste it, the aroma of flowers fills your mouth. This honey is so rich in fragrance that it’s often referred to as “edible perfume.” Fragrances of jasmine, rosewater, and musk linger, while a subtle taste reminiscent of brown sugar makes an appearance.


Foraging near Lake St Clair in the heart of the temperate rainforests of southwestern Tasmania, where the ancient Leatherwood trees thrive, this honey variety is renowned as one of Tasmania’s most prized. It lives up to expectations with its exceptional quality.


WILD HIVES operates its beekeeping activities in the heart of the East Coast of Tasmania, in the small town of Swansea. We do not wholesale to supermarkets or shops; instead, our honey is provided to Tasmania’s hotels, bakeries, cafes, and more. It might be difficult to come across our products elsewhere during your travels. Swansea is approximately a 2.5-hour drive from Hobart. WILD HIVES ventures into the remote areas of Tasmania to practice beekeeping. Additionally, we have been granted permission to set up beehives on the rooftop of the Hobart City Council building, a testament to the trust placed in our careful, natural beekeeping practices.


Australia’s Tasmania Island has been designated as a zero-point (baseline) for environmental pollution by the World Meteorological Organization (WMO), ensuring that the honey harvested from its apiaries is 100% natural and pure. It is extracted at low temperatures, with minimal filtration, and meticulously bottled one by one. This honey boasts high antibacterial properties, helps regulate intestinal health, and is known for its anti-aging effects, making it a rare and highly sought-after product.

During the cold winter months, when temperatures drop below 15 degrees Celsius, crystallization begins. This natural process does not affect the quality of honey whatsoever. Crystallization is a hallmark of 100% natural honey. You can enjoy it as is without melting. If you choose to melt it, open the lid and immerse the bottle halfway in lukewarm water at around 40°C, keeping the lid lightly closed, and let it warm for about 30 minutes until it melts. Be cautious as exposing it to high temperatures may alter its taste.

Please refrain from giving honey to infants under one year old, as there is a risk of infant botulism.
Volume: 175ml (250g)

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