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● Prickly Box –  Swansea

Nurtured by the sea and mountain breezes of Swansea, this honey is imbued with the essence of flowers. It boasts a gentle acidity reminiscent of sweet oranges, spreading a refreshing aroma throughout the palate. Enjoy it generously spread on croissants or salted bread.


Located on the northwest shore of Oyster Bay, at the heart of Tasmania’s east coast, is a laid-back seaside village overlooking the scenic Freycinet National Park.

Surrounded by numerous vineyards, this village comes alive in summer with wildflowers blooming abundantly, attracting bees for their honey hunt.


WILD HIVES operates beekeeping in Swansea, a small town at the heart of Tasmania’s east coast. We don’t wholesale to supermarkets or stores; instead, our honey is provided to hotels, bakeries, cafes, and similar establishments across Tasmania. You might find it challenging to come across our products elsewhere, perhaps except during your travels. Swansea is about a 2.5-hour drive from Hobart. WILD HIVES ventures into the hinterlands of Tasmania for beekeeping. Additionally, we’ve been granted permission to set up beehives on the rooftop of Hobart’s city hall, conducting trusted and meticulous natural beekeeping.


Australia’s Tasmania Island has been designated by the World Meteorological Organization (WMO) as a zero-point for environmental pollution standards. The honey harvested exclusively from our apiaries is 100% natural and pure. Extracted at low temperatures, minimally filtered, and carefully bottled one by one, our honey exhibits high antibacterial properties, aids in regulating intestinal flora, and is highly sought-after for its anti-aging effects.

During the cold winter months when temperatures drop below 15 degrees Celsius, crystallization begins. However, this is a natural phenomenon and poses no quality issues. Crystallization is a testament to the authenticity of 100% natural honey. You can enjoy it as is, without melting. If you choose to melt it, open the lid, submerge the bottle halfway in lukewarm water at around 40°C, and let it sit for 30 minutes. Be cautious as exposing honey to high temperatures may alter its taste.

※ Please refrain from giving honey to infants under one year old, as there is a risk of infant botulism.

Volume: 175ml (250g)

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