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● Wild Flower – Hobart Rooftop

Nectar from flowers collected from the city hall of Hobart, the state capital, around the town. The refreshing scent of flowers spreads with a feeling of the meadow swaying in the wind. It is honey that goes well with pancakes.



A vast and beautiful wetland area located at the northern tip of the east coast. It is an internationally recognized lagoon where black swans inhabit year-round, making it an important feeding ground for migratory birds from the Northern Hemisphere. The honey harvested there can be considered very rare.


WILD HIVES operates beekeeping in the small town of Swansea, located in the heart of the Tasmanian East Coast. We do not wholesale to supermarkets or shops, but provide our products to hotels, bakeries, cafes, and other establishments in Tasmania. It may be difficult to find our products elsewhere, such as during travels. Swansea is about a 2.5-hour drive from Hobart. WILD HIVES ventures into the hinterlands of Tasmania for beekeeping. Additionally, we have been allowed to install beehives on the roof of the Hobart City Hall, where we conduct trusted and meticulous natural beekeeping.



Australia’s Tasmania Island has been designated by the World Meteorological Organization (WMO) as a zero point (baseline) for environmental pollution, and the honey harvested only at its apiaries is 100% natural and pure.
It is extracted at low temperatures, with minimal filtration, and bottled meticulously one by one.
It has a mild taste with no strong flavors and a refreshing mouthfeel.
With high sterilization effects and the ability to regulate intestinal flora, it is a honey with high rarity that is also expected to have anti-aging effects.

☆ Harvesting Method of Natural Honey
We employ only organic methods for harvesting.
There are no residual chemicals in the harvested honey.
The beehives are not treated with chemical agents, and all equipment, including wood usage, is organic.
During filtration and packaging, we preserve the natural minerals without heat treatment.

During the cold winter months, when the temperature drops below 15 degrees Celsius, crystallization begins.
The crystallization of honey is a natural phenomenon and does not affect its quality at all.
Crystallization is the hallmark of 100% natural honey.
You can consume it without melting.
If you need to melt it, open the lid and immerse the bottle halfway in lukewarm water at 40°C for 30 minutes. It will gradually melt.
Please note that changes in temperature may alter the taste.

※ Please do not give honey to infants under one year old, as there is a risk of infant botulism.

Volume: 175ml (250g)

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