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Tasmania, Australia is designated the zero point of environmental pollution by the United Nations. The honey collected only in the farm is a 100% natural and pure. It is extracted at a low temperature and passed through filter with limited times. Each bottle is packaged by hand with special care.
The taste is very smooth and refreshing in mouth.
This honey is highly rare with bactericidal, works to adjust the intestinal environment, and very likely to have an anti-aging effect.

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How to collect natural honey
All collecting methods are organic.
There is no residual chemical in the collected honey.
The nest box is not chemical treated and uses all organic equipment such as wooden material.
At the time of filtration and packing, we don’t use heat treatment to keep the natural minerals.

In the cold winter, crystallization begins when the temperature falls below 15 degrees. Honey crystallization is a natural phenomenon and there is no problem with the quality. It is a proof of 100% natural honey.
You can enjoy it without melting.
When melting, warm the whole bottle without opening the lid in 35 ° C warm water and it will melt.
Please note that the taste may change at high temperatures.

* Do not give honey to infants under 1 year of age as they may develop infant botulism.

4 pieces

Capacity 30ml × 4

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