100% natural

Most plants are grown organically in Tasmania.

Flowers grow with no pesticides and bees collect the honey.

Tasmanian honey

We would like to deliver to everyone the “honey” that is nurtured by this wonderful nature.


We deliver the natural taste to your home as it is.


High D met the special “Honey” in Tasmania, Australia, where the air and water are the cleanest in the world.

Tasmania is mostly organically grown.

Flowers without pesticides, and the bees collect the nectar.

We want to deliver the “Honey” that was grown in such wonderful nature.

With this in mind, High D will introduce Tasmanian Honey to you.

Please take it as a gift for your loved one as well as for home use.

About 37% of the island is designated as a national park or nature reserve. Many plants and animals live here that do not exist on the mainland. From December to March, honeybees go around the flowers and collect nectar.

Our mielleRie’ s Beekeeper YVES is particular about unheated honey, minimizing filtration, and conducting beekeeping that is as close to the natural environment as possible, so he makes his hives from scratch.

Our newly joined Beekeeper, WILD HIVES’ s Rob, is actively working in the conservation of wild bees. He runs beekeeping for precious raw honey that grows on unique land in Tasmania.