100% natural

Most plants are grown organically in Tasmania.

Flowers grow with no pesticides and bees collect the honey.

Tasmanian honey

We would like to deliver to everyone the “honey” that is nurtured by this wonderful nature.


We deliver the natural taste to your home as it is.


High D met the special “Honey” in Tasmania, Australia, where the air and water are the cleanest in the world.

Tasmania is mostly organically grown.

Flowers without pesticides, and the bees collect the nectar.

We want to deliver the “Honey” that was grown in such wonderful nature.

With this in mind, High D will introduce Tasmanian Honey to you.

Please take it as a gift for your loved one as well as for home use.

Our strength01

Crystallization of honey is the mark of genuine pureness.

Usually, honey begins to crystallize when the temperature drops below 15℃.

You will often see honey and similar products that are heated and sweetened,and therefore do not crystallize, for easy mass production.

Miellerie Honey is an unheated honey with no additives,and crystallization is the proof of a genuine product with minimal filtration.

Our strength02

High D visited the beekeeper Mr. YVES’s apiary, and received special permission to export his honey products to Japan.

His honey is only sold in a select few places in Tasmania and Mainland, and is exclusively sold by High D in Japan.

We will deliver that precious honey that has a fragrance of flowers so rich it is called “edible perfume.”

Our strength03

Tasmania is “one of the world’s cleanest and safest food treasures,” and the use of hormones, antibiotics, pesticides, and chemical fertilizers is basically prohibited in livestock and agriculture.Genetically modified feeds are not licensed and have particularly strict rules.

It is 100% natural honey collected from the flowers of nature that are not polluted by pesticides.